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  • Pipeline/facility construction, flowback operations, rental and equipment sales
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About Us - Titan Field Services, LLC


Titan Field Services, LLC conducts pipeline and facility construction, flowback operations, light plant and heater rental and equipment sales.
In the fall of 2009 Luke Stephens began looking into the opportunities that were available in the oil and gas industry. The following months Mr. Stephens began acquiring equipment and building relationships. During this time Mr. Stephens founded Titan Field Services LLC.

Mr. Stephens began developing relationships and positioning Titan Field Services, LLC to capitalize on the construction market shortcomings in Western Colorado. Titan Field Services, LLC operates on one core value. We believe that workmanship is often overlooked in the Oil and Gas industry in favor of speed.
Titan Field Services, LLC has proven time and time again that when quality of work is high and on point then, efficiency of labor is side by side.

Titan Field Services, LLC began operations in Western Colorado in 2010. Since that time Titan Field Services, LLC has grown exponentially. Currently we have operations in three states.

Roustabout  and Pipeline
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Rental Equipment
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Production Equipment Sales
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